Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters

(teaching vets how to tie flies and build fly-fishing rod, how to use and catch fish.  Many groups offer fishing trips)

Community-based not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to physical  and psychological rehabilitation of active duty military personnel and veterans with disabilities through the therapeutic benefits of fly fishing. Participants
include veterans and active, guard and reserve military personal disabilities from all conflicts, current and past.

Thursday – Saturday        May 25, 26,  (They will be set up at RT 20 & RT 60 Intersection)  9:00AM - 6:00PM

Click here for information on the Healing Waters Fishing Benifit

Al Cox      Beckley Program Leader 304-224-4036  al.cox@projecthealingwaters.org

Paul Moore   Regional Coordinator 304-993-7108 westvirginia@projecthealingwaters.org